Saturday, March 26, 2011

Of Ambulance Rides and ER Visits

Warning: If you can stand any mention of needles or vomiting I recommend that you do not read this post...You have been warned!

For those of you who know...and probably most of you who don't. I am all right now (well as all right as I can be pumped full of drugs), and No, I am not pregnant. Wednesday morning I got to take a ride in an ambulance from the office to Baylor SouthWest. It all started with sudden on-set vomiting and horrific stomache pains. I was able to make it to the trash in my office...I called hubby to pick me, I knew that I would not have the strength or energy to drive myself home. Funny enough, I threw up the rest of what was not in my stomach while finishing up my phone call with him...I believe the conversation went something like this "Honey, I need you to... (hurl/vomit)...pick me up...(hurl/vomit)." I don't remember hanging up. Some very nice coworkers of mine got me cold compresses and were courageous enough to hold my hair back as I threw up some more into the trash can. My co-workers called my hubby and he told them to call the 911...I totally missed all of this...although I do remember my co-workers questiong what the protocal is for something like this considering we work in a secure facility. I think cooler heads prevailed as the EMT's were allowed to pick me up from the floor and carry me to the guerney. They gave me some wonderful anti-nausea meds through my IV, but my stomach was still in severe pain. We got to the hospital and they ran some tests, more tests, and even more tests. I know I'm not preggo...They did X-Rays. They did a CT Scan, which by the way, the contrast they made me drink almost had me vomiting, again. And they did an kidney problems, my liver is in the peak of health, my appendix can stay inside my body longer, and my gall bladder is in tip-top shape...apparently I'm ready for a marathon...except for the whole vomiting and stomache pain. The diagnosis: officially it is a Bacterial GI Infection (due to my white counts being almost double what a healthy person should be)...but they were ready to give me the diagnosis of: Food Poisoning (due to the sudden onset). Well, now that we know the diagnosis, it makes all the hysterics and the drama seem ridiculous, eh?

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Dress 1
Dress 2

Dress 3

Dress 4

Dress 5

Hubby and I are going to a wedding in December! Not ours, because obviously we are already married. We are going to attend the wedding of a good friend of mine. I met her at a conference last year.
Anyway, I need a dress. I do not have a nice formal dress. Come to think of it I don't think I have ever had a nice formal dress. I never attended a prom (very sad, I know). I've only really gone to one formal dance and that was when I was 11 and the city was putting on a Father/Daughter dance; but, for some reason I don't believe that I'd be able to fit into that dress anymore. So, I need help. I am asking you for your help. I have found a website that has AWESOME dresses and there are a few that I am in love with. Help pick which one you like best!!!

These dresses are formal dresses and the come at formal dress price, so I am trying to decide which dress to buy so that I can save up the money and order the dress in time. Now you understand why I am looking in June for wedding 6 months away.
So, go ahead. Pick one...You know you want to!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Newest Addiction

I have been working on giving up Coca-Cola. I LOVE coca-cola! I want to say coke, but really I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about my addiction. Anyway, I hear it's best that when you are giving up an addiction, to replace it with something else. So, I did. Enter, Simply Orange! I LOVE Simply Orange Juice! It's become my newest addiction. I keep at least two bottles of it in my fridge and one in the fridge at work. I love the fact that I can buy two containers in a pack at Sam's Club for a relatively decent price. Granted, I have now replaced my Coca-Cola addiction with something that is considerably more pricey. I do justify this by saying that it is healthier for me. What do you think? Do you have any addictions? Ones that aren't necessarily bad for you?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello!? Is Anyone Out There!?

It has occurred to me that I do not have a blog and that I am behind the times. I like to consider myself technologically down with the 411, but with this serious oversight into the world of the Internet I am endeavoring to correct such a grievance.

World, meet Dagonet (pronounced Day-go-nay) and Bors. They are 3 month old Lhasa Apso/Cocker Spaniel mixes and are the apples of our eyes! Yes, they are brothers from the same litter. No, our house no longer belongs to Joseph and I. It now belongs to these benevolent puppies who have graciously allowed us to live in their home and serve them. What's better than taking puppies out back at 2am in the morning? Why cleaning up puppy poo on the carpet, of course! What's better than spending a fortune on puppy toys that squeak? Why finding out that they prefer the feet of the lavishly expensive coffee table instead of the toys!

I have learned a great many things over the past week and a half while owning such adorable puppies. I have learned that I am to be feared, that the food I put in their bowls is not good enough and I have learned how to force a dog to take pills when they won't even eat out of my hand. I find that Joseph and I are on the fast-track to getting a PhD in Finicky Puppies.